Sol Avenger

Hi folks,

We’re very excited about Sol Avenger, a space sandbox shooter from Quantum Forge Games that we’ve had the pleasure of working on.  The official trailer (with our music and sound FX) is now on YouTube, and it looks great!  The Kickstarter campaign launches on Wednesday 2/18/15, and we’ll definitely post a link once that’s up and running.  For now, here’s the trailer:

Audio Jungle licensing

Hey everybody,

We’re currently in the process of uploading some tracks to to make them available for royalty-free licensing.  We’ll make sure to notify you when we get everything online.  The pricing will be very reasonable, and if you’ve taken a look at our audio page or our SoundCloud page then you know we offer a wide variety of music.

Also wanted to remind you that we’re always available to create customer music and sound effects for any project, whether it be a video game, animation, or short film.  Email us at or fill out the easy form at our contact page.  Thanks!

Jim Cassidy – CCH Audio